Management Training & Presentations

Management Training and Presentations

Laumeyer Human Resource Solutions conducts presentations, conferences and customized training that makes a difference in organizations. Our cutting edge expertise and innovation lead any organization or audience toward responsible and successful employee engagement, management and operations. Jim is a faculty member for the Graduate school at the College of St. Scholastica and St. Mary's University.

Our Training Services Include:

  • Change as a management tool
  • Generations X and Y, managing multi-generational teams
  • Performance management
  • Supervisory and leadership skills
  • Selection and interviewing skills
  • Feedback and coaching
  • Team building skills
  • Customer service and relationship skills
  • Motivation and discipline

Previous Presentations Include:

  • Icebergs, snow plows, checks and chickens — proven change leadership strategies
  • Leadership doesn’t just happen — each organization must create and nurture their own leadership
  • When are we going to start talking to employees about performance?
  • Are you just burnt out, or are you fried? — how to rekindle passion, job satisfaction and fun in the job
  • Visions or hallucinations? — creating an accurate and understandable portrait of the company's desired state
  • Why just be engaged to employees and not married? — proven strategies for employee engagement
  • You think you have an employee engagement program but who are you kidding? — an honest assessment of previous versus proven strategies for employee engagement
  • Is your company ready for a union ambush? — strategies to reduce vulnerability to union organizing

Jim has been a popular speaker at local, state, and national conferences and his presentations are interactive, enjoyable, substantive, useful, and applicable.

Laumeyer Human Resource Solutions provides these and many other services. For a free consultation, contact us at 218-348-7908.