"Over the past few years Jim and I have had occasion to work on training activities for our local chamber of commerce and on a project for the city government. Jim is a talented, hardworking HR professional who always brings enthusiasm and a collaborative approach to such activities. I have enjoyed working with him."

Bob Hartl, Director of Management Department – CSS

"Jim Laumeyer helped the City of Wayzata with an external market comparison and did a recommendation for our Wayzata managerial/professional staff positions. Laumeyer Human Resource Solutions have the knowledge in the chosen field. They are well-edited, able to do accurate research and have the ability to write well-crafted presentations with minimal direction."

Sandra Langley , City Clerk – City of Wayzata

"Jim was a panelist for a Fuse Duluth event on the topic of 'Generations in the Workplace.' Jim was a great speaker and offered helpful tips. He knows human resources in and out. He stays on top of the latest trends and is not afraid to learn new technologies to better understand his clients' needs. I would recommend Jim for a speaking engagement."

Breanne DeFoe, Director – Fuse Duluth

"I believe Jim's strengths are his ability to establish credibility with clients, his strong interpersonal skills, his professional manner and his ability to analyze situations and develop practical and effective action plans. Jim demonstrates a depth of knowledge about Human Resource Management and a strong intuitive sense about human behavior."

Randolph M. Studier, Director – Minnesota Technology